can hotwheels go in a fish tank

Is it Safe to Put Hotwheels in a Fish Tank or Aquarium?

One of the most frequent questions people ask us is what they can put in their fish tanks such as Hotwheels or non-fish tank-related decorations. It’s important that anything you add to your aquarium should not be made out of any toxic material, so make sure if it looks like an ornament or decoration for a fish tank, always soak and wash it before placing it into the water 24 hours beforehand. The chemistry of water in an aquarium is fragile and subject to rapid change; even small pieces will wreak havoc on a whole ecosystem full of fishes!

The water in a fish tank is delicate, so you have to be careful what goes into it. For example, toxic materials will compromise the ecosystem of your pets and make them sick if they’re not removed quickly enough.

Can you add HotWheels to a fish tank?

Do you know what else is a bad idea? Putting hot wheels cars in fish tanks. Like, I’m not even kidding—the paint and metal on these things will leach into your water supply causing all sorts of problems for the ecosystem inside your tank like algae blooms or worse!

The paint, metal, and other materials of the car can cause it to leak toxic chemicals into the water. This contaminates any fish that might be in there with you!

Do not put Hotwheels cars inside a fish tank because they are made from paint and metals which release toxins if left underwater for too long.

Toxic Metal

The HotWheels you played with as a kid were made from the same material that’s used for car parts. The metal mix is called ZAMAC, which stands for zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper. If your fish tank has any of these metals in it (especially if there are rust flakes), then they could be toxic to your fish! This can lead them into having breathing problems or even death because their gills will have become clogged up by this harmful substance.

Toxic Paint

Hotwheels cars are not made to be submerged underwater, and the paint will soon start peeling off. This can change your water’s color and harm any life vegetation in it. Not only that but once all of its awesome colors wash away; your car won’t look as cool anymore!

What Kind Of Card Themes Are Tank Approved?

You might not think about putting hot wheels in your fish tank, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a car-themed aquarium! Some car ornaments are specifically designed to go inside of tanks. These two my favorite ones are made from Resin which is 100% safe for the tank and they’re also much bigger than hot wheels so it won’t take up as much space in the larger tank as these will.

Here are some solid car themes fish tank decorations as an alternative to HotWheels

Click on the images below for more information.

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