20 Cool Decoration Ideas For Your Fish Tank

When owning a fish tank, it isn’t just about the fish. It’s really about the entire fish tank experience. To help solve this problem, here is some guidance on some of the best fish tank decorations and ideas to offer some uniqueness in setting up an aquarium and decorating your fish tank.

From pebbles to fish tank liners, if you have a tank you should really think about everything. Fish tank decor plays a huge role in the enjoyment of your fish tank. Decorating your fish tank is the icing on the cake that completes the entire fish tank experience.

If you are searching for fish tank decorations that will please you and your fish, you’ve come to the right place. There are truly endless possibilities when it comes to fish tank decor and decorating your tank that we got to thinking…

What Are The Best Fish Tank Decoration?

Below are our thoughts and fish tank ideas on what makes a cool fish tank, other than the fish themselves. You could spend a vast fortune on decor and accessories for your tank, however, we wanted to keep our list affordable but include some very awesome ideas for your fish tank decorations.

Sponge Bob Fish Tank Decorations

 fish tank decor and ideasSponge Bob makes for classic fish tank decor. After all, the setting is a pineapple under the sea, so naturally, this can make for a fantastic fish tank idea. The possibilities are seemingly endless for all things Sponge Bob when it comes to your fresh or saltwater fish tank. Creating Bikin Bottom using Sponge Bob Fish tank decorations can enhance the lives of your fish, especially if they have a good sense of humor.

Star Wars Fish Tank Decorations

fish tank decorations

The force is strong with this fish tank. This is the perfect fish tank decor for the Star Wars enthusiast. Whether you find inspiration in the dark side or the light, these tanks will blow your mind. From the Degaba System to the moons of Endor the sheer awesomeness of these creative fish tank ideas are awesome.

Check out the Star Wars Fish Tank Decorations

Buddha Fish Tank Decorations

There is something calming and serene about Buddha-inspired fish tank decorum. With these decorations, you will be in a state of bliss and no harm. Your fish will be happy you made the choice to create a calming fish tank environment.

Zen Fish Tank Decorations

Much like the Budha fish tank, Zen fish tank decorations take bliss to the next level. Your fish will be inspired by the natural setting they are now swimming in. Zen fish tank decorations may not be the path to enlightenment, but at least it is one step closer.

If you are the Buddha of fish, consider adding a Zen-inspired tank with natural decorations to make your aquatic friends feel at home. Not only will they be captivated by their surroundings and live in peace, but it’s also one step closer to nirvana!

Check out the Zen Fish Tank Decoration Ideas

Dragon Fish Tank Decorations

Dragon tank decor is perfect if you are into Dungeons and Dragons, or if you are inspired by medieval decorations that conjure adventure. You can even go a step farther and name your fish after characters like Merlin or King Arthur.

Classic Pirate Fish Tank Decorations

Pirate fish tank decorations are the true classic. Perhaps a bit overdone, but when done right your fish will be sailing the seven seas properly.

Game of Thrones Fish Tank Decorations

Themed fish tanks based o popular shows such as Game of Thrones is all the rage. Nothing is cooler than a fish tank based on fan fiction. With Game of Thrones, there are so many options to check out. Let your fish battle it out. Winter is coming.

Anime Fish Tank Decorations

anime fish tank decor

If you are a fan of anime these fish tank decoration ideas are for you. Making superhero samurai fish is what it is all about. Check out these Anime fish tank decoration ideas.

Skull Fish Tank Decorations

Skulls and crossbones conjure up images of the deadly high seas. Although a macabre these decorations for your fish tank can really set the mood.

Halloween Fish Tank Decorations

My favorite holiday, Halloween is cool for many different reasons. Creating a fish tank environment based solely on Halloween can still last all year long. From spooky to fun, check out our Halloween fish tank decor for some killer ideas.

Christmas Fish Tank Decorations

Many people love to change up their fish tank decorations. Christmas allows for just this. Creating this festive mood for your fish will usher in the holiday with extra oomph. You fish as they are snug in their bed will be dreaming of Santa’s return. christmas fish tank decorations will get you in the spirit even faster.

Thanksgiving Fish Tank Decorations

We typically eat turkey on Thanksgiving so decorating your fish tank in this fashion won’t leave your fish nervous, unlike decorations for say, Lent. Adding a festive Thanksgiving touch to your fish tank will tie the whole celebration together.

Bonsai Fish Tank Decorations

A bit more artistic, and less cheeky style of fish tank decorating is the Bonsai fish tank decoration theme. Creating an environment that is tiny and miniature while honoring nature is what Bonsai is all about. This type of fish tank decoration is a timeless classic and looks fabulous in classic and modern homes.

Egyptian Fish Tank Decorations

Swim like an Egyptian. Add Egyptian fish tank decorations such as the great pyramids to your fish ecosystem. Your fish will love playing Pharaoh and Cleopatra. Sand and desert themes are always very special looking when it comes to fish tanks.

Crystal Fish Tank Decorations

If you are into the power of precious gems and crystals this might be the fish tank decor for you. From astrology to the stars, there are limitless amounts of creativity abound in creating a tank in this motif. Channel the power of crystals and the mythical undersea to give good vibes to your fish.

Asian Fish Tank Decorations

I am not sure why Asian themed fish tank decor is so popular, but it is. Maybe it is the clean lines of the architecture or the calming way it compliments the flowing nature of fish tank environments. Either way creating an Asian fish tank ecosystem is perfect for those who love Eastern philosophy and aesthetics of old-world art.

Fish Tank Castle Decorations

The classic castle. We added this category of fish tank decorations although it can be combined with many other decorations on the list. The castle is perfect, giving your fish the fun of swimming through medieval landscapes.

Beer Bottle Fish Tank Decorations

This one is for the beer lover. There is something kind of cool about beer bottle fish decorations. Showcasing your favorite brews as your fish glide by, swimming.

Disney Fish Tank Decorations

Disney not only does some great stuff on-screen and now you can take that magic and put it in your fish tank. Disney fish tank decorations are a great way to showcase your kids (and yours) favorite Disney classic film.

Mermaid Fish Tank Decorations

The mythical mermaid was said to lure sailors to their watery graves. Fish need not be scared, however. Mermaid fish tank decor will only make them happy.

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