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Decorating a Betta Fish Tank

Decorating a Betta Fish tank does not have to be difficult. Betta Fish are smart and intelligent species and these pet fish like to live in a beautiful environment. Betta fish likes to live in freshwater tanks decorated with fish toys and plants. Also, beautiful aquarium decorations can improve and recharge the mood of the fish and enhances the beauty of the betta fish tank itself.

If you keep a male betta in a fish tank, then make sure not to place any other territorial fish along with the betta as they get very aggressive. But, if you put decorations and live plants in the tank, then they enjoy playing with beautiful tank decorations.

Decorating a Betta Fish Tank


Decorating a Betta Fish Tank and setting up a betta tank, is one of the stressful parts of setting up the fish tank because you need to think about what your betta likes and how to make your aquarium look pretty at the same time.

Earlier, people use to use fake decorations like castles and skulls, but they are not in fashion today. Now, many individuals prefer to decorate their betta fish tank naturally way so that the fish can feel at home when they live in the fish tank.

Here you can find some of the best fish tank decorating ideas that can help you decorate your betta fish tank beautifully.

Plants for Your Pet Fish Betta Tank

An aquarium looks very empty if there are no live plants inside or decorations. Also, live aquarium plants make the tank look natural, beautiful, and a better hiding place for your betta. Betta fish decorations can make a huge difference in any freshwater tank.

If you want to decorate your fish tank with both live plants and fake accessories, then you should know where to put fake ones and where to put live plants in your aquarium while keeping water quality safe for your betta fish.

Live Plants:

Live greenery can increase the oxygen levels of water in the fish tank environment and also they do not cause any harm to your betta fish.  The aquarium plants can grow bigger so they can hide the filter that the bettas are scared of, and enhance the fish environment. However, putting live plants in the aquarium requires more work and maintenance far more than any other betta tank decorations.

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Some of the best aquarium plants to get started with anubias, java moss, and anacharis which help make a great home for your betta fish.

Fake Plants:

For less work, you can go with fake plants and they are accessible either in silk plants or plastic. The best thing about fake plants in your aquarium is that you don’t need to worry at all and also it requires minimum maintenance.

But, the issue with the fake plants is that they can harm your betta fish if the plants have any sharp edges. The sharp parts can easily tear the beautiful fins of your betta fish, but with the silk plants, this issue will be minimal. Using silk fake plants is much safer than plastic ones if you want to put fake plants in your betta fish tank.

Common Betta Fish Tank Decorations

Betta Fish tank toys and decorations come in many shapes and sizes. Some common decorations include driftwood accents, moss balls, stylish rocks, and other features that can enhance your betta aquarium. Fish love a place to hide or swim through, and decorating your aquarium for your fish is a good practice for betta owners and their pet fish friends.

Not only does watching your fish interact with different betta fish tank decor bring enjoyment, but your betta fish will also thank you as a participant in your aquariums.


Utilizing driftwood for your pet fish is another best way to decorate your betta fish tank, and it is also the best primary decoration that you can see in many fish tanks.  Driftwood is the best focal point and you can also use it for plants.  This decorative item also provides the best hiding spot for your betta and it can swim around the driftwood just luck other betta toys and decorations.

However, this particular tank decoration also has its downsides. Driftwood can lower the pH levels in your tank if it stays for a longer period, and also, there are more chances of getting rotten over time. In any case, if you want to place driftwood in your aquarium then make sure to buy from a reputed seller; don’t try to put the wood that you find in your garden.  Remember, before placing driftwood in your fish tank clean the product thoroughly.

Marimo Moss Balls:

These are a beautiful decorative item that also gives more benefits if you keep them in your fish tank. It helps you to keep your aquarium clean and these balls float on the top of the fish tank if you place them gently, but if you want them to stay bottom of the tank then you just need to sink them.

Marimo Moss Balls are something like algae balls that grows always. But, they do not cover the tank, like algae. Marimo moss balls are not just a beautiful addition to your fish tank, but also they are the best toy for your betta. The fish can push the ball around the tank and play happily.


Rocks are also the best and natural addition to your fish tank. You can make beautiful rock formations inside the tank. This kind of natural look gives joy to your betta as they like to live in the natural environment but before you choose different rocks for your tank, make sure they do not have sharp edges which can harm your fish.

When you forming a rock formation, make sure that the rocks do not fall when betta swimming around. You can use rocks to hold plants as well, and rocks can make your fish tank look beautiful and exclusive.

A great example of rocks that betta fish love is the Penn Plax Deco-Replica granite aquarium ornaments. These granite-looking rocks have no sharp edges, harmful to bettas, and offer places for bettas to hide and duck making them the perfect betta fish toys.

The growth of algae also enhances when you place rocks in your fish tank. However, you may not want algae to grow a lot in your fish tank but it is good for oxygenating the water and water changes can be harmful to not only your toys and decorations but also your pet fish.

If you have kept bottom feeders along with bettas, then they love to feed on algae a lot. Make sure to purchase rocks from a reputable seller and you should avoid putting calcium-based rocks in your fish tank as they leech into the water and it can affect pH levels and other parameters.

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Artificial Decorations:

There are many ways to decorate a tank from using ping pong balls for betta toys to adding some Star Wars fish tank decor to liven up an aquarium’s scenery.

You can add artificial decorations to your betta fish tank to make it look more elegant also. Artificial decorations including castles, pineapple houses, shipwrecks, and skulls are available in the market.

When placing artificial fish tank decorations in your betta fish tank, make sure to get the one that contains more holes so that your bettas can swim freely and are free of sharp edges in your bettas’ aquatic environment.

These decorations not only make your pet betta fish happy but also give the best hiding place, making for the perfect betta fish toys, your betta fish will love their new home.

Before adding any artificial decorations to your fish tank, make sure to check for sharp-edges and ensure they meet the standards that won’t ruin water quality for your betta fish. Avoid placing sharp-edged accessories and fake greenery in your pet beta fish tank as they can harm the fins of your betta when they are swimming around the decorations. You can find different types of fish tank decorations that can help you make your aquarium look natural and beautiful for your fish friend.

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