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Best Fish Tank 2020 Complete Reviews

Are you a fish lover looking for the best fish tanks in 2020? After reviewing several different fish tank models I found a few that you might enjoy based on your setup.

Aquariums are a great addition to any home, especially if you love aquatic life or have kids. Here are a few different fish tanks worth checking out, along with maintenance items, fish tank decorations and different types of fishes that would be a great addition to your new aquarium.

Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium LED 16 Gallon Review

The Corallife LED Biocube Fish Tank would be a great pick for someone who wants to settle it in a bedroom or kitchen, as it’s smaller than others on this list, this tank features LED lights inside, so you’ll be able to set the lighting to any color you want.

This aquarium also has an automatic 30-minute sunrise/sunset feature, as well as a 60-minute moonrise/moonset feature to replicate the natural 24-hour cycle. It has a built-in power filter filtration system, so there is no need to purchase one

This aquarium has the dimensions of 15″L 16.75W x 17.5H so it would be a perfect fit anywhere in your home, especially in a bedroom or kitchen.


  • Quiet submersible pump
  • Dual intakes and adjustable return nozzle
  • LED lighting with 3 settings
  • Built-in filtration system
  • Impressive Style


  •  Smaller than most other tanks on this list

SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set 50 Gallon

The SeaClear aquarium features an Acrylic build instead of glass so it’s less prone to chips and breaks. Acrylic is roughly 17 times stronger than its counterpart glass. 

The dimensions are 20″H 15″H 26″L so this tank would be perfect for your living room or dining room. We simply fell in love with this aquarium during our Seaclear Acrylic aquarium review.

It also includes a 24″ light fixture so your little friends stay lit up. This tank also has no visible seams so everything will flow very seamlessly. This tank also features a power filter.


  • Seamless 
  • Acrylic Build
  • 24″ Light Fixture Included
  • Included Reflector
  • Safe For Salt And Freshwater


  •  The top is not removable

Fluval Accent Glass Aquarium, 25 Gallon

Fluval Accent Glass Aquariums are some of the best. This Aquarium includes a feature called Fluval Accent which is a one-touch cleaning system, so if you have an early day for work or find yourself short on time, you’ll never need to worry about a long cleaning session, because Fluval Accent cleans the entire tank.

The Fluval Accent Glass Aquarium features an integrated lighting system, so there is no need to purchase one, and the tank only requires around 10 minutes of maintenance each month. And with the dimensions of 30″H 18″L 12.5″W this would fit perfectly in your living room.


  • Integrated lighting system
  • One Touch Cleansing System
  • Integrated filter with decorative filter cover
  • Includes a 150 watt preset heater
  • Features biological filtration


  • The Stand is separate

Aqueon Deluxe LED Bow Front Aquarium Kit 36 Gallon

This aquariumhas a curved front glass sealed with black silicone and features an LED lighting strip built-in above so it adds a pretty unique aesthetic to this tank. 

Fish Tank kits are great. A few things this kit includes are: A deluxe LED hood, one daylight, a submersible preset heater, quiet flow power filter, fish net, thermometer and set up guide.The dimensions are 30″Lx15″ Wx21″H so this aquarium would be a great addition to a living room or den without much need to make room for it as it’s quite medium in size.


  • Kit Included
  • LED Lighting
  • Curved Front Glass
  • Powerflow Filter
  • Fish Net


  • No night-light included

Completing The Best Aquariums In 2020

Not only are the best fish tanks in 2020 important but rounding off your tank with the best decorations can make a normal fish tank even better…

Let’s take a look at some must-have items to make sure your new pet fish live a happy and healthy life. 

1: Filter Media Roll

Filter Media Rolls are crucial to having a clean tank. They help clean food particles, both large and small, thanks to the 2 step cleaning process of this filter.

This specific filter made by Aquatic Experts is double layered, so it’s over two times stronger and more efficient than the typical Filter Media Roll. It is also cut to fit, so whatever size is needed, you’ll be able to cut it to size with ease. 

It’s safe to use for both saltwater and freshwater, as well as environmentally friendly — important for the safety of your pet fish home since this will be in contact at all times.

2: Water Conditioner

Water Conditioner is essential to having an aquarium full of healthy fish. Tap water contains chlorine, which is highly toxic to fish. In addition, among the many other toxins found in tap water, these chemicals are especially dangerous to the fish in terms of breathing. This is because they irritate the fishes’ gills, so Water Conditioner is a must-have.

API Water Conditioner kills all of these chemicals almost instantly with its strong formula. 3 ml is enough to treat 10 gallons of tap water, so it will surely last you a long time and provide your fish with a safe environment.

3: GloFish Aquarium Gravel

GloFish Aquarium Gravel is a unique gravel; it features a fluorescent shine when your aquarium light hits it. It’s safe to say that anyone who gets a glance will surely be impressed.

This particular gravel will also help light up dark spots in your tank that can’t be reached, due to certain decorations.

4: Aqua Clear – Fish Tank 3 Stage Filtration Filter

Having a filter is very important to keep your fish tank clean and safe. That’s why this 3 stage power filter is a great item to add to your tank, especially if one is not included. 

Stage 1 of this filter helps filter out large trash such as food particles as well as biological filtration, which is very important, and sometimes under looked. 

Stage 2 helps remove unwanted colors and impurities resulting in a crystal clear tank. 

Stage 3 will result in a great living space for beneficial bacteria and enhance the removal of ammonia and nitrites resulting in a healthy aquarium environment.

Fish Tank Decorations For The Best Fish Tanks in 2020

Here are a few decorations that will make your new aquarium stand out.

1: OrgMemory Artificial Aquarium Plants

These are made of an eco-friendly PVC material that is both non-toxic and soft to the touch. You can be confident it will never scratch your fish and remain safe for freshwater and saltwater alike.

They also do not require any maintenance and will never fade, nor leak any toxic substances into the water. These ornaments range from 10-30 cm tall, so they would be great for the aquariums found on this list.

2: SLOCME Aquarium Titanic Shipwreck

Decor for tanks is a must. We love everything from Star Wars fish tank decorations to Sponge Bob fish tank decorations, but this decoration is a sure bet to add a unique look to your new fish tank. This Titanic shipwreck is made from a non-toxic resin material, safe for freshwater or saltwater; and requires only minimal maintenance.

The dimensions of this decoration are 9″L x 4.5″T x 2″W inches, making it better suited to the larger fish tanks on this list. The size of this decoration also allows your fish to hide inside or play around.

3: King of the Sea Fish Tank Decor

This Thai Warrior Statue Fish Tank Decoration will make a great addition to your 2020 fish tank.

With the dimensions of 3.7″W 2.6″L 8.3T, this is better suited for medium tanks listed here. It is made with non-toxic materials with fish safe colors and is created from a solid piece of material.

Great fish to start within your new Aquarium Tank.

Bettas (Freshwater)

best fish tank 2020

Popular among new fish owners, Bettas typically require very minimal maintenance in terms of tank filtration and heating. They max out in size at 3 inches, which makes them a great fit for smaller tanks. They’re also quite vibrant and have an average lifespan of 3 years. 

Longfin Zebra Danio (Freshwater)

awesome fish tanks

The Longfin Zebra Danio is a great fish to add to your new Aquarium, as it requires low maintenance and has a low temper. They typically live up to five years and are around 3 inches long. It comes in four different colors:  Blue, Purple, White and Yellow.

Damselfish (Saltwater)

best aquariums

Saltwater fish tend to require larger tanks, but the Damselfish can easily live in the smaller tanks on this list. They’re known to be a little aggressive towards smaller fish but tend to be okay with fish either the same size or larger. They’re around two inches and have an average lifespan of around seven years!

Clownfish (Saltwater)

top fish tanks 2020

This fish may seem a little familiar — and that’s because it’s the fish featured in Finding Nemo! Clownfish tend to be very active and are basic in food consumption. They’re also a very popular fish for beginners just getting into aquariums. These fish typically live around four years and have a length of just over four inches!

Setting Up Your Fish Tank


This has been an informational article for finding a fish tank in 2020 suited for you, maintenance items, decorations and different breeds of fish for your new Aquarium. This is a great hobby to get into and can definitely be a lot of fun, especially with one of the feature-rich fish tanks listed here.

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