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Best 100+ Gallon Fish Tanks

If you are looking for the best 100-gallon+ fish tanks, then this review is perfect for you. We have created a list of the top-rated and most popular 100-gallon aquariums available on the market today. Our goal is to help you find your next tank with ease by providing an in-depth analysis of each option we recommend so that when it comes time to make your purchase, all your needs will be met.

Some people prefer a small aquarium, but I think there’s something special about having one big enough to fill an entire room. It may be that you’re advancing in the hobby and are ready for a new challenge – this could even be your first tank! That can seem daunting, so it might help if we break things down into steps: You’ll need some fish food (the type varies depending on what kind of animals you plan to get), live plants or fake ones; maybe decorations like rocks, plastic baubles or real-life shells; filters and thermometers…

100 gallon fish tank for beginners

Something to remember about your new aquarium, once filled with water, gravel or rock will weigh over 150 pounds! This is because every gallon of water weighs about 9 pounds. But your floor must be able to handle the weight – so make sure you use a matched stand designed to support it.

Why Choose A 100 Gallon Fish Tank?

Maybe you just want to keep schools of colorful fish like discus, angels, betta fish, or cardinal tetras. If you’re a reef aquarist, then the room should load up with corals and live rock.

No matter what your reason is for getting an aquarium in your home – whether it be for schooling fish or growing coral reefs- 100 gallons really seems like the perfect size tank if you’re considering all aspects!

150 gallon fish tank

The time has come for your tank to get an upgrade? 100-gallon tanks are in the future. However, these big aquariums do not seem so common and you may have a hard time finding one that is perfect for what you want! Whether it be freshwater or saltwater, make sure when making this investment from the start that they’re right.

Find yourself wanting to take your aquascaping hobby or interest in fish keeping to the next level? If you’re ready for a 100 gallon tank, then keep on reading. We will walk you through all of the things that come with this size aquarium and how to pick out one right for your home.

What You Should Know About Tanks This Size

The 100 gallon tank should not be considered a beginner aquarium. This is mainly due to the size, but also because of difficulties with handling equipment and ensuring compatibility among fish.

A common shape for these tanks is rectangular, although some more expensive options come in cubic or curved shapes too. Regardless of your particular preference (whether you prefer freshwater or marine setups), this volume can house many exotic plants and animals- giving you plenty of opportunities to create interesting spaces that will please both yourself and any guests who visit!

fish tank

One of the biggest difficulties an owner of a 100 gallon tank faces is choosing the right equipment – especially if you have never dealt with similar volumes. We will cover them in more detail later on, but it’s worth mentioning a little now. First, always check output capacity when buying one; even filters that are not powerful enough can still work just fine- they’ll just be inefficient and use up power unnecessarily.

Although having such big tanks may seem like lots of hard work at first glance, there could actually be advantages to their size too: because conditions inside these large tanks tend to stay pretty steady instead of change dramatically all day long or between different seasons as small ones do!

100 Gallon Fish Tank Dimensions

The standard dimensions of a 100 gallon fish tank are 72.5″ x 18.5″ x 19 3/8. These may be different, depending on what shape you want for your aquarium and if you need some extra space to accommodate other items inside the enclosure like plants or filters!

For example…

It’s not easy to maintain an aquarium. You have to make sure that the water is clean and it has enough oxygen, so you need some special equipment for this purpose. Here are five of the must-have items:

  • A filter system – in order to clear out debris before it can settle on your floor or get stuck inside a pump;
  • Biological media – as bacteria grow here, these will help take care of any waste materials that may be found floating around;
  • An air stone with tubing connection – This is used typically when there isn’t sufficient flow from filtration through surface agitation (e.g., powerheads) because without bubbles coming up off the bottom then all available dissolved oxygen
  • Tank heater – designed to keep temperatures in the tank steady and at the recommended temp for your fish

The more you know about the aquatic environment, the better pet owner you will be.

Filteration System

Proper care for the water your fish live in is essential to their survival. A good filtration system will depend on the tank size and how powerful and reliable they are. Too strong and fish can get sucked into the filter. Too weak and your fish will not have clean and pure water that they need. Filtration is important with a large tank such as 100 gallons.

Tank Heater

One of these parts is temperature – and many animals rely on it for survival. For example, in some fish species such as goldfish or koi, water temperatures have a significant impact upon their health (rising too high can lead to death). You must take care that your tank’s temperature stays within an appropriate range so that they remain healthy!

Our Top Picks For Best 100 (or more) Gallon Fish Tanks

For all those fish lovers out there, we have compiled a list of our top 3 choices for 100-gallon (that’s over 9000 liters) freshwater and saltwater aquariums. We based our decisions on four things: price, customer reviews from other customers who purchased the product in the past year or so, and what is included with the tank when you purchase it.

1. SC Aquariums 150 Gallon Starfire Glass Aquarium 60x24x24 12mm Eurobraced with Built-in Overflow Box

When it comes to a fish tank, you need one that is not only sleek and modern but also allows for your beloved fishes to look their best. This particular model by SC Aquariums features Starfire Glass – the clearest glass on the market today! It’s so clear in fact that with just some lights and dark background behind them, these colorful scales are sure to shine through beautifully.

We’re going right off into this 150-gallon from SC Aquariums because of its wonderful stand-out feature: Starfire Glass. Alerting low iron silica instead of standard glass, this type will give your species an amazing appearance; especially if you use lights or have a darker background!

You can feel confident that SC Aquariums will be able to provide you with a sturdy and dependable tank. The company offers three years of warranty, which is reassuring considering the investment in this product. Just like their name indicates, they are experts at aquarium installation – even including plumbing kits for easy setup!

The aquarium is euro braced with a built-in center overflow. This means that the glass will never “slide” off of its base, meaning you don’t have to worry about water leaks and other risks!


  • Dimensions: 60 x 24 x 24 inches
  • Weight: N/A
  • Capacity: 150 gallons
  • Material: Glass
  • Color: Black
  • Shape: Rectangular


  • The Starfire Glass gives the viewer a clear and beautiful view of each pipe.
  • The pipes are also supported by euro-bracing for added protection, while an overflow box is provided to provide extra security against flooding.
  • This kit includes all plumbing supplies necessary as well as a handy cleaning brush which will make your job easier!


  • A stand is not included so consider how much this tank weighs before you purchase it and choose a stand accordingly
  • Tends to be very heavy when filled with water and fish tank decorations

2. SCA 150 Gallon Aquarium Plug N Play System with Maple Wood Cabinet

The SCA 150 Gallon Aquarium Plug N Play System is perfect for those seeking to create their own home ecosystem. This customizable system comes with a pre-drilled maple wood cabinet and can be expanded as needed by purchasing the necessary components from this company or elsewhere, making it adaptable no matter where you live.

best 100 gallon fish tank

The aquarium sets up in about an hour when using the included step-by-step instructions manual that is easy to read and follow even if one has never assembled furniture before; however, due care should still be taken during its assembly since there may still exist some small pieces such as screws which could easily get lost while assembling on your carpet (which I would recommend against). Once constructed, just add water!

The kit includes:

  • Saltwater Ready Aquarium System
  • 68 Gallon Glass Sump with ATO Reservoir Built-in
  • StarFire Low Iron Glass Aquarium
  • 180 gallon Protein skimmer included.
  • 650 GPH Return pump included.


  • Classic wood stand (comes with kit)
  • Easy to assemable
  • Great customer service


  • Can be expensive
  • Very heavy and hard to move when filled

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